Aaffinity is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of its employees, customers, contractors, and the public, as well as the environment. This commitment is shared by all Aaffinity employees, from senior management to front-line employees, and is exemplified in the discipline demonstrated by each member with regard to safe work practices and safe operating procedures. To this end, we ensure that our employees have the required training and the necessary records are maintained before beginning a project.

All levels of management and supervisory staff are responsible and accountable for providing and maintaining a safe work environment with proper procedures, training, equipment, and programs. Managers, supervisors, and employees at all levels are held accountable for their adherence to safety, health, and environmental protection procedures.

Aaffinity takes pride in knowing that it complies with or exceeds standards set by all applicable federal and provincial laws, and recognized industrial safety practices. We also insist that all subcontractors comply with the same level of excellence in their work practices by requesting their WCB experience rating at the time there quote is received.

Our objective is a health and safety program that will reduce the number of illnesses and injuries to zero. Our goal is to provide an injury and accident free work environment for our employees, clients and the general public. The principals of Aaffinity have a long history of workplace safety at industrial sites, including the Imperial Oil Refinery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In particular Jack Osmond, is one of the founding members of the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association and is the recipient of the 1997 CSSE O.H. & S. Outstanding Contribution Award and the NSCSA Millennium Award in Recognition of Contributions towards the Safety and well being of Nova Scotia’s Construction Industry.

To date we have zero recordable injuries, zero insurance claims, and zero WCB claims.