Excavations – for major construction projects, liner installations, Commercial and Industrial building foundations, installation of above and under ground commercial fuel systems, and home heating oil spills.

Demolition – major building demolition’s, industrial site demolition’s, housing demolition, tank demolition’s (Some previous projects completed under the direct management of the Principals of Aaffinity Contracting are Oxidiser Plant at the local Oil Refinery, 120 ft dia. by 48 ft tanks, major hospital demolition’s)

Emergency Spill Response – includes providing assistance to both onshore and offshore situations. Aaffinity’s employees have the expertise and methodologies to quickly and effectively respond to any emergency oil and chemical spill, especially in the areas of unusual or unique site conditions.

Snow and Ice Control – we have experienced personnel that have provided lump sum snow and ice control services in the metro area for over 25 years.

Aaffinity believe its strength lies in its employees and their safety and work related training. Our employees are crossed trained in all areas of the business to maintain our company’s versatility. Aaffinity has experience the in completion of detailed remediation work, preparation of cost estimates, safe job plans and execution of cost-effective services, while guaranteeing excellence in quality and superior customer service.