“Our mission is to provide quality work and effective solutions to our customers’ needs at a fair and reasonable cost using a highly trained, safe, and productive workforce.”
Aaffinity’s employees have many combined years of client service in the oil and gas sector along with the expertise and methodologies to quickly and effectively respond to any emergency oil and chemical spills. Aaffinity’s personnel have worked on a wide range of private, municipal and industrial and environmental projects, including hydrocarbon-contaminated sites, transportation projects, sewage treatment projects and numerous spill response projects. Many of our corporate clients have come to rely on our employee’s capabilities in the industrial services field. Aaffinity offers all facets of environmental and industrial services such as petroleum storage tank cleaning, emergency spill response for petroleum and chemical products, site remediation, demolition/dismantling, recycling and disposal, excavation, form work, a/g & u/g petroleum storage tank systems etc.

The principals of Aaffinity have been successful by providing cost-effective services, while guaranteeing excellence in quality and superior customer service.


Jack Osmond NSLS, GSC

Jack Osmond is a graduate of the Nova Scotia Land Survey School and is Gold Seal Certified (GSC) by the Canadian Construction Association.  Mr. Osmond has worked in the Industrial Services and construction sectors in Atlantic Canada for the past 40 years with extensive experience at Texaco, Imperial Oil and Irving Oil refineries.

Mr. Osmond is the former Atlantic Canadian Director of Operations for Phillip Services and was previous to that the president and owner of a number of companies including Aaurora Contracting & Environmental Limited, Casavecchia Environmental Limited, L.J. Casavecchia Contracting Limited, Scotia Trades Limited and MCH Group Limited.  Mr. Osmond had overall responsibilities for all aspects of these businesses and through these experiences brings to the table an overall understanding of how to successfully complete projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner
Mr. Osmond has a wealth of experience completing projects in many industrial plants in Nova Scotia.  Through Mr. Osmond’s involvement working in the industrial sectors, he has become a leader and pioneer in reforming and formalizing construction safety in Nova Scotia.